Not Another Mommy Blog

I promise, this is not just another mommy blog.

I love to write.  I’ve been encouraged to blog by many people, so I decided to finally start one. I know everyone has a blog these days, so I doubt my contribution will be much of a ripple in the pond that is the mommy blog world, but hey.  A girl can dream.

I drink a lot of coffee. Probably too much for my own good because I get chest palpitations sometimes after my second or third cup o’ joe. Yes, I realize this is a problem.

I love literature and I read books. A lot of books. Being a stay at home mom has enabled me to finally finish the hundreds of books I have always wanted to read.

I’m a practicing Catholic and I love my faith.

I love to act.  When I think of death bed regrets, the biggest regrets I can imagine are not loving God or my family enough, and never having starred in a major production. My college performance as Portia in The Merchant of Venice doesn’t count, in my book.

My favorite pastime is eating.

Welcome to Cafe Au Running Lait.











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